Roda Dialogue Network aims to share the knowledge of network stakeholder NGOs and activists who defend the rights-oriented demands of communities such as Roma and other segregated groups, develop creative ideas, strengthen leadership skills and increase their motivation as activists. While the Academy attaches importance to gender equality, it follows the methodology of participatory leadership and includes the participants in the training process. The trainings aim to create an open space for involvement in joint thinking and co-solving around the values of the network.



The trainings will consist of five modules titled as follows:

  1. Improving the institutional capacity of the CSO and sustainability
  2. Rights-based approaches to project design;
  3. Tools for NGOs
  4. Gender and gender mainstreaming
  5. Applied training


 1.Improving the institutional capacity of CSO and sustainability;

  • Good practices in CSO management
  • Laws and regulations on CSO management
  • Representation and representation of women
  • Bottom-up approaches
  • Improving the internal structures, management of human resources
  • Strategic planning
  • Purchasing
  • Fundraising
  • Skills training (Project Development, proposal writing, project management and implementation, report writing)


 2. Rights-based approaches and project design

  • Human rights and democracy
  • Enforcement of all rights (legality, universality and indivisibility of human rights)
  • Participation and access to decision making
  • Non-discrimination and equal access
  • Accountability and access to the rule of law
  • Transparency and access to information


 3. Tools for NGOs

  • Network and alliance building
  • Campaign methods and tools and public awareness
  • Advocacy methods and tools
  • Lobbying methods and tools


4. Gender and gender mainstreaming

  • Gender and gender equality
  • Gender in private and the public sphere
  • Gender-based discrimination and gender-based violence
  • Gender mainstreaming: key concepts
  • Gender mainstreaming dimensions
  • Gender Mainstreaming Cycle
  • Gender mainstreaming tools


5. Applied Training

  • Extending network practices/policies to gender
  • Conceptualizing the public awareness campaign
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