Structures of the Network

General Assembly, Executive Committee, Secretariat, Communication Specialist, Capacity Building Specialist, Working Groups

Objectives of the Network

Strengthening the capacities of member NGOs, Strengthening the structure, resources, influence and field of the organizations in the network, Providin

Activities of the Network

Reaching Roma, Dom, Lom and Abdal groups through NGOs Training and capacity building Organizing meetings, seminars and workshops Organizing study visi

Responsibilities of the Member Organizations

Network member NGOs ensure regular participation of one male and one female representative to represent the establishment of RODA in its work. NGO rep

Common Working Principles and Values

Being sensitive to the principles of gender equality, Showing a neutral approach Advocating social benefit Creating creative solutions by offering sug

Acceptance of the New Member Organizations

The participation of new members and the expansion of the network is one of RODA's goals. NGOs that approve the common working principles specified in

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